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Yule Tree Blessing 

Did you remember to bless your Yule tree? Here is a quick and easy waxing Moon blessing that even children could do. To bless the Yule tree, purchase or make a gold Sun-shaped ornament. It could be rustic and handmade by the children or store-bought and fancy. Hang this ornament last upon the tree and repeat the following lines: 

The evergreen is a tree 
Full of magical lore, 
It brings prosperity and Charm as in days of yore. 
Now bless our home, 
Bringing us good cheer and Solstice fun, 
While we celebrate the return Of the newly born Sun. 

Thoughts From The Cow


Pre-dating most of today's Christian holidays, early pagan practices are actually at the root of many of today's .Long before the time of Christ, pagan communities, worldwide, set aside the weeks before the Winter Solstice as a time to honor the coming of the light.  This is known as Advent to the Christians.

Ancient Celtic tradition had keen awareness of humanity's deep, inner connections with the rhythms of the natural world, the play of light and dark, the waiting, even a kind of deep and prophetic longing.  Maybe it is the dark, silky silence that descends so early that speaks of reverence. Maybe it is the promise that December holds -- that no matter how dark, how cold, how empty it can get, the light is coming back.

Embrace the darkness, and be eager for the coming solstice when the whole world is still and holds its breath, waiting to be reborn again.






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yule spell ornament

Posted by Fala Witch on December 16, 2014 at 9:05pm 0 Comments

As  Yule approaches,  the opportunities for spell work are seemingly endless. If you have a holiday tree this year, why not use ornaments as a way of directing your magical energies? Make a spell ornament to bring prosperity, love, health, or creativity into your life.

You'll need the following:

  • Clear plastic fillable ornament, or you can use small spell bags or small spell bottles
  • Filler material associated with your purpose: herbs, small stones, colored paper or glitter, etc.
  • Colored ribbon

Fill the plastic halves of the ornament with items that are associated with your purpose. Try a couple of the following, or come up with your own combinations:

  • For a money spell add shredded bits of play money, Bay leaf, basil, chamomile , clover, tonka bean, buckeye, pennyroyal; stones such as turquoise and amethyst; bits of green, silver or gold glitter.
  • For love magic, use Allspice, apple blossom, bleeding heart, catnip, lavender, periwinkle, peppermint, tulip, violet, daffodil; crystals such as rose quartz or emerald, coral; small heart-shaped cutouts, bits of pink or red glitter.
  • For workings related to creativity and inspiration, add feathers, sage, tobacco leaf, hazelwood or birch, symbols of artistry such as paintbrush tips, crayons, or colored thread. Add diamonds, quartz crystals, also consider colors like yellow and gold.
  • If you're doing healing magic, use Apple blossom, lavender, barley, comfrey, eucalyptus, fennel, chamomile, allspice, olive,rosemary, rue, sandalwood, wintergreen, peppermint.

As you're filling your ornament, focus on your intent. Think about what your purpose is in creating such a working. For some people, it helps to chant a small incantation while they work - if you're one of those folks, you might want to try…


How we inhereted Christmas from THE VIKING YULE

Posted by Rek on December 15, 2014 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

How we inherited Christmas from


The celebration of Yule in Scandinavia predates the Christian holiday by thousands of years

Winter Solstice, the time of the year when the days get longer and the sun begins to return was truly a cause for celebration among our ancestors in Scandinavia. Their Midwinter Feast lasted at least twelve days. So there are the twelve days of Christmas.

Most Christmas traditions are rooted deep in ancient Yule rituals, many coming from the Vikings. Historic evidence indicates that Jesus was not born on December 25, but in the Spring. Why is then Christmas celebrated on December 25? A common theory is that the Christian church designated this date as the day of Christ's birth to coincide with the Nordic Midvinter Solstice celebrations, as well as with a Roman midwinder fest called…


Yule Blessings!

Posted by Rek on November 30, 2012 at 9:00pm 1 Comment

Fae Yule

Yule Goat

Posted by Fala Witch on December 14, 2014 at 8:06pm 2 Comments

The Yule Goat is one of the oldest Scandinavian Yule symbols and traditions. Its origins are pre-Christian. Goats were connected to the Norse god Thor, who rode the sky in a chariot drawn by two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, and carried his hammer Mjöllnir.

The Yule Goat is a Scandinavian tradition that predates the arrival of Christianity in Northern Europe. The goat was a symbol of the Norse god Thor, whose flying chariot was pulled by 2 goats. The Yule Goat was once considered to be a bringer of gifts, but this role has been taken over by Father Christmas, who sometimes rides the Yule Goat.

Auction for ACOW!!

Posted by Old Bones on December 6, 2014 at 8:30pm 4 Comments

Starting sometime in January,( once we get the particulars figured out) we plan on holding an ebay type auction right here on ACOW!!   We will post one item at a time.  The item will be donated by an ACOW member for the purpose of raising funds to keep ACOW on line.  The item will be donated and mailed at that members expense with all proceeds going to ACOW's paypal account.  We will gladly welcome any suggestions and they can be emailed to either Rek, Old Bones or Fala . 


Posted by Fala Witch on December 3, 2014 at 8:01pm 2 Comments

The Oak and the Holly King

Posted by Rek on December 22, 2013 at 4:00am 0 Comments

From the Celtic tradition, we get a pair of ancient pagan images who fight for supremacy at Yule. The Holly King and the Oak King are probably constructs of the Druids to whom these two trees were highly sacred. The Oak King (king of the waxing year) kills the Holly King (king of the waning year) at Yule. The Oak King then reigns and so the infant Sun is born. The Holly King, who has evolved into the present day Santa Claus, wears red, dons a sprig of holly in his hat, and drives a team of eight (total number of solar sabbats) deer, an animal sacred to the Celtic Gods. Holly and mistletoe are traditional to the season through commemoration of the battle. The holly was hung in honor of the Holly King; the mistletoe (which grows high in the branches of oak trees) in honor of the Oak King.

The Oak and the Holly King

For Rek, Little Yule Or Womens Yule.......

Posted by willow on November 6, 2014 at 11:10am 6 Comments

Little Yule is also known as " Womens Yule" or Little Christmas, it's an Irish tradition still going on today, espically in Cork and Kerry in Ireland. Here in the States some Irish Pagan ladies still pratice this ancient custom. Being Irish and been reared Pagan I love this day of fun and family time.

It's a day that the men take over all the household chores of the women. They do it in good spirit, laughter and fun, espically taking care of the wee babes while doing all the womens chores for the day. The ladies gather together for some much needed rest for the day, enjoy each others company with a nice tea made for them by the men. An they get a rest from the children. The children also make gifts for the ladies and it's a jolly grand time for all.

Some Pagan Witches will use this day to Circle without the men and children being underfoot. I suppose a more modern term for the day would be called, The Witches Day Out.

Now for me it usually goes like this. The day before I make sure theres loads of bread and other goodies baked. Me husband is a grand chef and can bake bread like a dream but I want his day pointed on fun as well. He does all the household daily chores, bless it be, he'll make sure the laundry is done, does the shopping if need be, you get the picture. Several of me Witch Sisters will come by and we'll Circle, chat, enjoy our tea and munchies and just hang out for the day. Yep their husbands, the ones that have one will stay at their home doing all their wives chores and take care of the kids or grandchildren if the need be. Sometimes I'll go to another's home but most usually we do it at mine for like I said, me husband is a grand cook and baker. It's a day of fun and much laughter. I espically enjoy the part where we all tell family stories about our ancestors.

Now this tradition is not well documented, but we Pagan ladies that have grown up with it enjoy it ever so much and really look forward to it after Samhain has…



Samhain Altar/Traditions

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by willow Oct 13. 10 Replies

Sisters it is almost that time. Each day the veil becomes thinner and thinner. Time to honor our ancestors. How to you prepare for Samhain? What do you add to your altar? Do you have any traditions that have been pasted on? Do share with us the…Continue


Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Mab SoulTamer Oct 7. 9 Replies

We touched on this topic in chat Monday night. I am posting it here to ask the thoughts of those whom were not in chat. In the Craft world we live in how important is it to you and why to have a sister/sisters of the craft. What is it like for you…Continue

Share a pic of your favorite witch tool

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Rek Sep 1. 26 Replies

Do you have a favorite tool? I'm is the cauldron, couldn't live with one. I have several but this one is my favorite. (sorry pic is so big, could not get it smaller) …Continue

Hex signs / Pagan Symbols

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Buffalo Spirit Aug 15. 12 Replies

In recent years, hex signs have come to be used by non-Pennsylvania Dutch persons as talismans for folk magic rather than as items of decoration. I like this idea, I can see doing a protection spell and then adding the hex sign to the house or barn.…Continue


Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Old Bones Jul 13. 14 Replies

Silence gives you the scope to be to be conscious of yourself. Silence is indeed golden. Maybe you are wondering about a decision, which way to turn, what to do next, your mind is just talking away.  BE SILENT. Stop talking to your mind. The zig-zag…Continue

The new year 2014

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by bewitched9 Feb 14. 13 Replies

Time to turn the page, and close the book on 2013. I have so many thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams for 2014. I was wondering how you will bring in the new year?? Do you see many changes to come? What will you do different in the new year? Learn in…Continue

Yule Traditions

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Rek Dec 26, 2013. 3 Replies

Many of us have families that do not celebrate Yule, instead they celebrate Christmas. Most families have traditions they practice at Christmas. Do you have any yule traditions? Do you plan on creating a new Yule tradition this year? Ever tried to…Continue

Mind clutter and meditation

Started by Fala Witch in Untitled Category. Last reply by Rek May 4. 15 Replies

It has been called many things, monkey mind or mind clutter among others. You know what I'm talking about that horrible beast that jumps around in your mind, pulling thoughts from here and there. Sometimes I just want to scream shut up lol.  This…Continue

Seeing and hearing in the dark

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Ashley Watson Oct 14, 2013. 4 Replies

The wheel is turning and the days are getting shorter.  Now is a great time to sit outside around a bonfire, daze at the stars and listen to the darkness. I am learning to love the darkness of the night. A different world from daylight. I hear,…Continue

Which Witch Tool

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Mab SoulTamer Dec 3, 2013. 9 Replies

For some there are twelve tools that are considered essential for ritual magic. They are the wand; Athame; pentacle; censer; scourge; bolline; staff; cauldron; cord; cup; Book of Shadows; and the altar. These tools may have slightly different names…Continue


By Old Bones


Sumerian song to Inanna


Heaven is mine, the earth in mine

I am warrior am I

Is there a god who can vie with me?

 The gods are sparrows-I am a falcon

The gods trundle along

I am a splendid wild cow.


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