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Instead of cleaning your plate this Thanksgiving, set aside a portion of your feast. Take the food to a natural area or garden, and bury it or set it out as an offering to the wild animals. As you do this think about how many creatures do not receive the bounty of Mother Earth each day. Speak this as you contemplate: “Blessed Mother Earth. I offer you back the fruit of your womb, the bounty which sustains and strengthens us all. Be healed and whole so that you may continue to feed your children. So mote it be.” Consider donating money or time to a charity that feeds the hungry year round, not just on holidays.

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How to Know If You’ve Had a Visitation from a Dead Relative or Friend

What do the "experts" say on this topic?

What Exactly Is a "Visitation?"

Visitations are moments in which dead relatives connect with their living friends and family. The most common form of communication is through extremely vivid dreams.

Are All Dreams of a Deceased Relative Visitations?

Not all dreams are visitations

A visitation is vivid and extremely profound. Dream visitations usually contain one or more of the following attributes:

Your dream is extremely vivid.

An important message is given to you during the visitation.

You feel a very strong presence, unlike most dreams you have of people.

Physical touch is a part of your dream. This could be a hug, a touch, a person holding your hand, etc.

Your emotions are extremely intense. You may feel happy, sad, or angry.

There are very few distractions. You are wholly focused on exactly what is happening. And when you awake, you remember every detail.

If They Are Indeed Real, What Do Visitations Mean?

1. To deliver a warning. Most commonly it is a warning for their loved one to change their ways.

2. To either ask for or give forgiveness.

3. To deliver an important message.

4. To deliver a message for another person or soul.

5. The deceased is asking for help. It is possible that their soul is trapped and needs help to move on. "Ghosts" and "hauntings" are a result of spirits being unable to move on.

6. They have malicious intent. This rarely happens, but supposedly a soul can be angry or there may even be a spirit that wants to scare a human being.


Beyond the dream world, numerous people have reported smelling the deceased, seeing them in a room, or hearing them wandering around. These moments can bring the living a combination of fear, anxiety, happiness and wonder.

If this happens to you, Ward suggests that you not be afraid. Instead, think deeply about your experience and take time to analyze why it happened. Is there changes you should make in your life? Do you have unresolved pains or anger you need to get rid of? Do you you need to forgive someone or yourself?

The universe we live in is full of mystery. Some things we can easily explain, while others we can barely comprehend. The loss of a friend or family member can be freaky and sad, but it can also lead to a whole new understanding of what it means to be a soul encased in a bag of muscles and bones.

from an article by Jen Engevik




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Time to start getting ready... :)

Posted by Rek on December 15, 2011 at 12:00am 1 Comment

Yule Witches decorating


Posted by SilverWitch on November 25, 2015 at 2:00am 5 Comments

This is very long but quite interesting, I looked up the origin of Christmas after a post was made on facebook about leaving Christmas alone and keeping Christ in as He is the reason for the Season."I didn't want to offend"anyone there , So I thought I would share this interesting piece here at the group.

Hope of Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHOVAH):…


Posted by Fala Witch on November 29, 2015 at 9:09am 0 Comments

2 items up for Auction

Posted by Fala Witch on November 16, 2015 at 8:35am 6 Comments


New, never used and still in the box. Wilton Witch 4 Piece Colored Cutter Set- Discontinued By Manufacturer. And The book House Magic by Ariana. The book is in good condition. This auction will end on Nov. 30th Monday at 9pm. I will announce the winner in our Monday night…



Old Bones


Sumerian song to Inanna


Heaven is mine, the earth is mine

I am warrior am I

Is there a god who can vie with me?

 The gods are sparrows-I am a falcon

The gods trundle along

I am a splendid wild cow.


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Venue help

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OK. I'm not sure where to turn. For the last couple of years I've been running an Etsy store. It wasn't much but I worked hard to keep my customers satisfied and offer them the best advice and support. I haven't offered casting services or other…Continue

Tags: Help

Herb Gardens

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by Rek Apr 21. 5 Replies

It is almost time to start gardening, I am excited about growing herbs this year, not just for cooking but for magic as well. What herbs are you going to grow? How will you use them in your magic. And you those that do not have a gardening area…Continue

The New Year 2015

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Well we survived the holidays and now we have entered into the new year of 2015. Share if you will, things that you learned about yourself and your magic from last year that will help you in this new year. Is there something new or something you…Continue

Samhain Altar/Traditions

Started by Fala Witch in Daily magic in our lives. Last reply by willow Oct 13, 2014. 10 Replies

Sisters it is almost that time. Each day the veil becomes thinner and thinner. Time to honor our ancestors. How to you prepare for Samhain? What do you add to your altar? Do you have any traditions that have been pasted on? Do share with us the…Continue


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